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Our Employee Wellbeing Platform

Is our Employee Wellbeing Platform the missing puzzle piece in your health and wellbeing strategy?

Brought to you by our health and wellbeing experts, our Wellbeing Platform for employees is your company’s ultimate health and wellbeing resource, no matter your size or industry.

What Is the Employee Wellbeing Platform?

  • Our Wellbeing Platform is a rich and ever-expanding digital library of high-quality health and wellbeing content, delivered directly to your team and available whenever they need or want it most.
  • It contains a range of extensively researched, up-to-date, and fully designed written content on the key pillars of health and wellbeing, including topics relating to nutrition, sleep, mental health, common physical health issues, longevity, fitness and exercise, and much more.
  • Not only this, but from the Wellbeing Platform your team will be able to access regular live-streamed and recorded health and wellbeing talks led by leading medical consultants and wellbeing experts leading the way towards better physical and mental health for everyone.

Some Examples of Recent Content Titles:

  • “Purple Power: The Science Behind Anthocyanins and Why You Should Be Eating Purple”
  • “The Secret to Successful Snacking”
  • “Owning Your January: How to Thrive in the Bluest Month of the Year”
  • “Diabetes Awareness Month”

Why Does My Company Need a Wellbeing Platform for Employees?

  • Our Wellbeing Platform can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from phone or computer. Whether your employees want to find out more about how to improve their physical or mental health or have a specific question about a health concern, it’s only a click away.
  • Providing your team with health and wellbeing content can help break stigmas and encourage vital conversation around the health topics that affect us all. This kind of action can help employees struggling with mental or physical health concerns speak out and receive support.
  • We know that not every organisation’s needs are the same. That’s why our Employee Wellbeing Platform can be adjusted and tailored to meet your team’s requirements. From the ‘Events’ page and ‘Noticeboard’ area, you can display upcoming health and wellbeing events and post your own internal communications. You can even have different ‘Events’ pages for different office locations.
  • Wellbeing apps for employees such as our Wellbeing Platform are rising in popularity, and here’s why: they’re the perfect toolkit for anyone and everyone – employees, line managers, Wellbeing Champions, or even Mental Health First Aiders looking for extra information. There isn’t anyone at your company who wouldn’t benefit from this provision.
  •  … The best thing? With all your health and wellbeing content and communications in one place, setting up this aspect of your health and wellbeing strategy is seamless, quick, cost-effective, and completely hassle-free – we’re here to do the hard work for you.

How it works

  • When you sign up to our Employee Wellbeing Platform, your team will gain access to their very own personalised hub of health and wellbeing content.
  • Your Platform will look unique to your company – complete with your branding, it’ll integrate seamlessly into your health and wellbeing provision and look like it’s come straight from you.
  • We’ll update your content regularly, coinciding with key health and wellbeing awareness dates. This means you can be confident that your team will always be reading relevant, up-to-date, fact-checked information that can really help them support their health.
  • We’ll make sure any additional publications or recordings of live-streamed events you purchase will also be uploaded.
  • We’re all ears: any suggestions for content or features you’d like to see, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.
Health and Wellbeing Discovery Hub

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