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Mental Health First Aid

Mental health conditions affect around 15% of employees every year, while significantly more will experience the effects of stress, anxiety and depression associated with pressure at work and at home.

Our online Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course provides delegates in your business with an official MHFA England qualification to offer first-line support for colleagues experiencing a mental health condition in the workplace. The course teaches delegates how to recognise when someone is experiencing poor mental health, and how to approach, assess and assist someone with a crisis.

Delegates who complete the course receive an official MHFA England certificate as an accredited Mental Health First Aider. The course includes an official MHFA England manual, workbook, resources for line manages, and quick reference card containing the MHFA Action Plan and crisis contacts.

Course objectives:

  • Mental Health First Aider - MHFA EnglandGain a comprehensive understanding of providing mental health employment support and the factors that can affect a person’s mental wellbeing
  • Learn practical skills to spot the signs of mental health issues and associated triggers
  • Develop the confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills, such as non-judgemental listening and communicating
  • Help someone improve their mental health by guiding them to further support
  • Learn how to keep yourself safe while performing your role as a Mental Health First Aider

Course format:

MHFA Mental Health First Aid 2-day course materialsThis online course is based on the Adult MHFA course and has the same learning outcomes; on completion learners will receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate.

The Online Mental Health First Aid course consists of two days of live training sessions hosted on the new ‘MHFA England Online Learning Hub’. The live sessions are led by an approved MHFA England Instructor.

Ongoing support and benefits:

Our MHFA course includes extra ongoing support through the MHFAider® Support and Benefits Hub. Learners will have access to:

  • Resource library of tools, guidance, and core mental health concepts to support you in your role as a Mental Health First Aider.
  • Signposting database ‘Hub of Hope’ to find local and national mental health services for additional support.
  • Secure conversation journaling for learners to make reflective notes, while protecting confidentiality.
  • Reminders for wellbeing check-ins with the people you are supporting.
  • 24/7 text support service from Shout, for advice and reassurance on a mental health conversation, or to support your wellbeing after a difficult conversation.
  • Exclusive quarterly webinars to embed and broaden mental health knowledge via the MHFA Online Learning Hub.
  • Access to the latest version of the digital MHFA manual.
  • Monthly newsletter with updates and resources to support your in your role.

Price and availability:

Below are prices and availability for our next ‘public’ MHFA courses. These are suitable to be booked by individuals or smaller delegate groups. If you would like a private MHFA course for a larger group of delegates, then please do contact us – we’d be happy to quote and arrange!

  • The Mental Health First Aid course is priced at £325 + VAT per delegate.
    • Our next ‘public’ 2-day MHFA course is an online course on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th June 2024 (09:00-16:30).
  • The Mental Health First Aid REFRESHER course is priced at £150 + VAT per delegate.
    • Our next a ‘public’ half-day MHFA refresher course is an online course on Wednesday 19th June 2024 (09:00-13:00).
    • The refresher course is suitable for someone who has already completed an MHFA course, but feels that they would benefit from refresher training. MHFA England recommend that Mental Health First Aiders attend a refresher course every three years to renew their skills, update their knowledge of mental health supports, and practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan.

You can book your place below, or get in touch with us with any questions or queries.


Refresher Training for your Mental Health First Aiders

Did you know MHFA England recommend that Mental Health First Aiders attend refresher training every three years, to update their skills and knowledge?
This online course is intended to refresh and update the training of existing Mental Health First Aiders. The benefits of MHFA refresher training include:

  • Refresh and update your knowledge on providing mental health employment support
  • Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan
  • Helps instil confidence to perform your role safely and effectively.

This live, online training is provided by an approved MHFA England instructor.

MHFA Refresher price and availability:

The Mental Health First Aid Refresher course is available for delegate groups from your organisation, on a date and time to suit you. The course is priced at £1250 + VAT and this allows up to 25 of your MHFA delegates to be refreshed.

“I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of people contacting me for mental health related advice since the covid-19 pandemic started. I completed my MHFA training a few years ago, and had previously not had to put the training into practice very often. I suppose I was generally feeling a bit rusty and a bit out of my depth. However, the MHFA refresher training was just what I needed! I now feel far more confident when providing support, advice, and assistance to our employees that may be struggling with mental ill-health.”

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