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One-to-One DSE Workstation Assessments

Our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessments for office and home workers provide specialist one-to-one advice, training and guidance that reduce the risk of work-based injuries, improve worker wellbeing and productivity, and ensure compliance with DSE regulations.

DSE Workstation Assessments are a routine strategy for managing the risks associated with prolonged sedentary work and poorly set up workstations.

Our DSE assessors are trained osteopaths and physiotherapists who provide detailed one-to-one assessments of employees in order to recommend positive changes that can improve employee comfort and reduce the risk of work-based musculoskeletal injuries.

DSE Workstation Assessments can be conducted either in-person or remotely by video consultation to accommodate office and home workers.

Our one-to-one DSE Workstation Assessments explained:

The DSE Workstation Assessment process is designed to reduce the risk of work-based injuries and help employers meet their duty of care to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff.

Our assessments take approximately 30 minutes to complete, with the option of an enhanced “in-depth” DSE assessment for users with specific medical/physical requirements that can be conducted in-person.

Our team of osteopaths and physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of biomechanics and will help employees better manage their musculoskeletal health. They will problem solve with your employees to find ways for them to best utilise their work environment and equipment to minimise risk. They will provide practical exercises, stretches and postural correction to ensure that all achievable soft solutions are met, while suggesting practical and cost-effective long-term solutions where required.

All assessments include follow-up reports identifying risks and practical solutions.

Price and availability:

Our DSE Workstation Assessments vary in cost depending on your requirements…

Remote DSE Workstation Assessments

Remote DSE Workstation Assessments cost £150 + VAT per user and are conducted by video consultation using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here are a few reasons to choose Thrive4Life to provide your remote workstation assessments:
  • Our workstation assessor is also a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years’ experience in undertaking telephonic consultations.
  • Their detailed understanding of biomechanics and how the body works, will help the employee better manage their musculoskeletal health.
  • Our assessor will problem solve with your employee to find ways in which they can best utilise their available equipment, their environment and their work routine to minimise risk.
  • Provide practical exercises, stretches, and postural correction.
  • Ensuring that all achievable ‘soft’ solutions are met.
  • Provide practical and cost effective longer term solutions, which can be implemented if required.

Suitable for: An employee who has raised an issue of musculoskeletal discomfort, or is having difficulties setting up a suitable workstation.

Example: Mr xxx. Project worker. Now spends up to 8 hours on computer. Prior to working from home, their tasks would be interrupted by meetings or time away from their desk. Possibly working from laptop and now experiencing neck or shoulder pain, or headaches which they have not had in the past.

Book your remote workstation assessment:

Book a Remote Workstation Assessment using the booking tool below.
If no availability is shown below, then please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, or email

Please note: If your employer has provided you with a “voucher code” then please enter this during the booking process in lieu of payment.


In-Person DSE Workstation Assessments

We offer two levels of in-person DSE Workstation Assessments:

  • Regular Employee DSE Workstation Assessment – 30-minute assessment for regular DSE users without any pre-existing conditions
  • Enhanced “In-Depth” DSE Workstation Assessment – extended in-depth assessment for users that have a specific medical/physical condition or pre-existing condition that affects their work, or for users that have been assessed before but are still unable to achieve a satisfactory level of comfort

In-Person DSE Workstation Assessments are priced depending on the level and duration of service required, as per the details below:

  • Half-day (6 x ‘regular’ assessments): £445 + expenses + VAT
  • Half-day (2 x ‘enhanced’ assessments): £445 + expenses + VAT
  • Full-day (12 x ‘regular’ assessments): £545 + expenses + VAT
  • Full-day (4 x ‘enhancedassessments): £545 + expenses + VAT
  • Full-day (2 x ‘enhancedassessments & 6 x ‘regular’ assessments): £545 + expenses + VAT

Please enquire further about our DSE Workstation Assessments on 020 8398 9522 or email

Security: Homeworking assessments are undertaken using a secure means; either by video link or by telephone. If employers require a report, then this can be transferred securely. If photographic data is requested during the course of an assessment, then this data will be managed and transferred securely.

Additional services: We can offer training for HR Managers and/or Line Managers so that they can triage employees to identify those requiring assessments. We can also suggest an equipment list for temporary home working. Please contact us for more information on these services.

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