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Online DSE Workstation Assessment Tool

Our Online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessment Tool for office and home workers provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective risk management solution for managing the health, safety and general wellbeing of staff.

The Thrive4Life online DSE Assessment tool has been designed by our team of experts, to train your employees how to set up their workstation correctly, to identify risks, and to increase productivity in the workplace by reducing employee pain and discomfort. It will help ensure your compliance with DSE regulations, and will save your managerial time through management reporting, solution advice, and issue tracking.

Carrying out DSE workstation assessments can be costly, time-consuming and difficult to coordinate. Our online tools make it both easy and affordable to ensure compliance and worker wellbeing. Our online assessments use engaging and relatable video footage that trains employees as they are being assessed, allows self-resolution of issues, and identifies risks with relevant solution advice.

User assessments take just 30 minutes to complete and are accompanied by automated follow-up reports that make it easy for administrators to identify risks and ensure the wellbeing of staff.

Comprehensive features:

User Training

  • Narrated online videos, with video subtitles available
  • Demonstrates best-practice DSE workstation set up
  • Compliant with the latest HSE recommendations
  • Trains users while they are being assessed

User Assessment

  • Comprehensive user assessment with follow-up report
  • Interactive self-help questions allow user resolution of some issues
  • User assessment progress is saved automatically, so they can continue later if interrupted mid-assessment
  • Assessments can be taken unlimited times within a 12-month period
Manager Reports

  • Assessment notifications direct to your email
  • Easily find and sort user assessments
  • Support for multiple sites/locations/departments
  • Reporting of top issues identified by department

Risk Resolution

  • Intelligent solution advice provided, in line with HSE guidelines
  • Risk resolution recording – record notes and mark issues as resolved as you work through them
  • Communicate resolution advice to your employees
  • Professional support and advice from DSE experts available


Our cost-effective Online DSE Workstation Assessment Tool is available from as little as £7 per user/per year. (Further discounts are negotiable for more than 2,000 users.)

The DSE Assessment Tool features two separate assessments; one for Home-Based/Flexi Workers and one for Office-Based Workers. Licence Credits can be purchased and allocated for either tool.

5-99 Credits

£ 10

per credit + VAT.

100-499 Credits

£ 9

per credit + VAT.

500-999 Credits

£ 8

per credit + VAT.

1000-1999 Credits

£ 7

per credit + VAT.
  • 1 Credit allows 1 User access to either the Home/Flexi-Worker DSE Assessment or the Office-Worker DSE assessment. I.e. if you wanted a User to take both assessment types, they would require 2 Credits.
  • Assessments are valid for 12 months. I.e. once an assessment is allocated to a User, that User has 12 months to take that specific assessment type as many times as they like.

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