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Wellbeing Champion Training

What are Wellbeing Champions?

Wellbeing Champion talking to a colleague and giving them complex mental health supportWellbeing champions are a team of employees within your organisation who volunteer to champion better mental and physical health and wellbeing within your workplace. Wellbeing champions care for all aspects of workplace wellbeing, acting as mental health ambassadors and champions of your team’s physical wellbeing.

Well being champions are there to promote awareness of health and wellbeing issues, support any team members struggling with their physical or mental health, and steer positive cultural change.

“Wellbeing champions are an essential tool for promoting a health-creating work environment in which employees are made to feel empowered and motivated to drive positive cultural change from below.”

What Does Being One Involve?

As ambassadors for mental and physical health, your well being champions will:

  • Be trained to be the eyes and ears of your workforce, monitoring colleagues experiencing poor physical and mental health and signposting them to support services.
  • Be equipped with a holistic understanding of the mental and physical wellbeing factors that could be affecting themselves and their colleagues on a daily basis, including the coping mechanisms that can help mitigate the impact of these.
  • Acquire the communication skills needed to promote awareness of health and wellbeing issues amongst the workforce and deliver ideas that could improve employees’ wellbeing at work.
  • Become mental and physical health ambassadors who lead the way in challenging stigmas, starting vital conversations in the workplace, and driving your company’s health and wellbeing strategy at the employee level.

What Topics Does Our Well Being Champion Training Course Cover?

  • An introduction to mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • The role of Wellbeing Champions.
  • How to establish communication channels and create wellbeing groups.
  • How to start conversations about wellbeing.
  • How to engage colleagues through signposting.
  • The mental and physical wellbeing factors that could be impacting employee health.
  • Presenteeism.
  • Stress management.
  • Coping mechanisms.

Becoming a Wellbeing Champion is a journey towards a better understanding of the physical and mental health issues that could be causing wellbeing issues in your workplace.

As employees themselves, Well-being Champions are an essential, built-in part of your health and wellbeing strategy, formed of people who are integral to your workforce.

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