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Workplace Wellbeing Talks

Straight from the Experts to Your Team

Our workplace wellbeing talks bridge the gap between health experts and your employees. With monthly, live-streamed webinars led by leading medical consultants, health and wellbeing experts, and those at the forefront of their field, your team will come away with the knowledge and tools needed to lead healthier, happier lives, improving wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Let’s Talk Wellbeing

With each of our health and wellbeing events, you’ll receive:

  • Access to a 30–45-minute live-streamed wellbeing talk for all your staff led by a health and wellbeing professional, including a closing Q&A section.
  • A recording of the talk to upload to your staff intranet.
  • A talk highlights summary handout.

Why do Workplace Wellbeing Talks Matter?

Stigma is harmful, and at Thrive4Life, we believe in the power of talking.

Events such as our wellbeing talks are essential for encouraging open conversations in your workplace about physical and mental health and wellbeing. By adding this provision to your health and wellbeing strategy, you’ll contribute towards the drive to dismantle stigmas and break down the barriers surrounding many vital health topics, including our mental and emotional wellbeing.

By reinforcing the sentiment that it is essential to talk about our health and wellbeing and ask for help when needed, you’ll encourage and empower your team to seek out support whenever they need it.

Our workplace wellbeing talks can help your employees learn more about a vast range of topics pertaining to our health and wellbeing, equipping them with the insight and understanding needed to better care for their physical and mental health.

A work culture constructed with health and wellbeing at its core is a positive work culture in which employees can thrive.

What Can You Expect from Our Workplace Wellbeing Talks?

Previous Wellbeing Talks Have Included:

Let’s Work Together

We can work with you to provide live wellbeing events on topics that matter to your team – we understand that every workplace has its own unique needs, so we’re always open to suggestions!

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