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Diabetes Awareness webinar

Online event

To coincide with World Diabetes Day (14th Nov 2022), Thrive4Life has scheduled a live webinar talk on 11th November 2022 hosted by leading diabetes expert Professor Ketan Dhatariya.

Men’s Health webinar – Movember 2022

Online event

MOVEMBER 2022 MEN'S HEALTH WEBINAR Professor Prasanna Sooriakumaran is a world leader in prostate cancer care and has been recognised as the most promising young academic urologist in Europe. Webinar focus: This webinar will cover all...

The Key to Good Gut Health

Online event

The Key to Good Gut Health Top advice from a leading Gastroenterologist Gut health is the foundation for the health of your entire body, and so many people struggle every day with common gut health issues,...

Stress, Emotional Resilience and the Role of Mindfulness

Online event

Learn about how mindfulness can positively influence your ability to manage stress, and build your emotional resilience. Your speaker, Julie Perrigo, is the founder and lead mindfulness teacher at Just Breathe, an online mindfulness, meditation and emotional resilience course.

Lifelong Hormone Harmony & Your Diet

Online event

Lucia Glover is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. Learn about how hormones work, and what they do. What are hormonal imbalances, and how can you identify them? Hormones and their connection with periods, fertility, and menopause. Practical ‘hormone balancing’ actions to apply to your diet and life.

Top Tips For Managing Menopause

Online event

Menopause practitioner and Nurse Prescriber, Lexie Minter, takes you on a journey of understanding, highlighting how hormones affect your body. She will discuss the impact of peri menopause, menopause, and post menopause, and bust myths relating to HRT.

Power of the Gut Microbiome

Online Webinar

This captivating talk by registered nutritional therapist Daisy Tappenden, will shed light on the gut-brain axis. Daisy will highlight the role the gut has to play in affecting mood, weight, hormones, immunity, and disease risk. She’ll explain how you can support your gut health and achieve a better sense of overall wellbeing.

Managing Anxiety and Finding Inner Calm

Online Webinar

Karen Liebenguth is a highly experienced expert on managing stress and anxiety. Find out how you can begin to train your mind through simple but powerful practices, to build resilience and better manage anxiety.

The Elements of Personal Leadership

Online Webinar

When we hear the word “leadership” we generally think about leading others, but what about leading ourselves? Find out how you can apply emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and clinical psychology to your personal and professional life.

Posture Power Unleashed

Online Webinar

A live webinar by Agatha Brocheler, an experienced Osteopath specialising in musculoskeletal health. Agatha will be discussing the importance of maintaining good posture, advice on back care, and explaining how you can level up your musculoskeletal health and wellbeing today.

Navigating Change with Ease – How to Embrace the Unknown

Online Webinar

Whether you’re starting a new position, moving house, or you’ve recently received some news you weren’t expecting, every single one of our lives is full of change – whether we like it or not! Some changes are anticipated, whilst others can come completely out of the blue, but the key is how we react to them.

LIVE WEBINAR: Beneath the Surface of Stress

Online Webinar

Join our live webinar and explore the Stress Bucket Analogy used to visualise and understand stress accumulation and its impact on our lives. Guided by our mental health and wellbeing specialist, Karen Liebenguth.

LIVE WEBINAR: Stronger Muscles, Joints, and Healthier Bones

Online Webinar

Join this enlightening session, led by expert foot and ankle surgeon Francesc Malagelada. Discover science-backed methods to build resilient musculoskeletal strength and accelerate healing through nutrition and supplements.

LIVE WEBINAR: Move More For Your Mental Health

Online Webinar

Movement is just as important for mental health at it is for physical health, but so many of us struggle to move enough in our daily lives. Luke Silavwe is a physiotherapist and fitness instructor, and he will be discussing the importance of movement and how it critically supports mental health.

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