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Thrive4Life’s Marketing Manager, Benjamin Klein, speaks to leading nutritionist Marcelle Dubruel about the importance of prioritising your staff’s nutrition ahead of a livestreamed event, scheduled to take place on Friday 21 January 2022.

“All roads lead to the fridge”, says leading nutritionist Marcelle Dubruel, who is set to address employees at an exclusive Thrive4Life livestreamed event on 21 January 2022. This remark might seem vaguely connected to the lives of employees, but in our current pandemic world, where home and flexible working models abound, the challenges are truly pronounced.

Working from home, after all, can make it particularly difficult to establish boundaries. “You want to get up and walk around”, says Marcelle, and 90% of the time this tends to lead you into the kitchen. Combine this with a generally more sedentary lifestyle and you have a recipe for disaster – think low energy levels, weight gain and diabetes; for the employer – think lost productivity, absence and presenteeism.

Marcelle Dubruel

Marcelle Dubruel


Marcelle is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who has worked with some of the top names in the world of health and nutrition, including award-winning author and supplement guru Patrick Holford, whose methods have transformed public opinion on food and diet.

Marcelle’s 15 years of experience in the financial services sector have equipped her with unique insights into the challenges facing employees in high-pressure work environments. Her personal experiences helped her to understand the wider connections between nutrition and other aspects of wellbeing, including sleep, mood, energy and motivation.

In a recent meeting, Thrive4Life’s Marketing Manager, Benjamin Klein, had the opportunity to chat to Marcelle about some of the most significant challenges facing employees with regards to their nutrition. The following is a snippet of their conversation highlighting key lessons for employers, especially as we head into the new year.

Benjamin Klein
Ben: What are the challenges that employees face right now regarding their nutrition and why is it important to solve them?
Marcelle Dubruel
Marcelle: Stress and anxiety levels are high, especially now during the winter season and with the current situation concerning the pandemic. This means our immune systems are generally weaker. When we’re anxious and stressed, we tend to fall into comfort eating. This could mean more coffee or an extra glass of wine here and there to take the edge off.

Generally speaking, many of us turn to unhealthy solutions for support. These artificial buffers, whether they are alcohol, food or activities, don’t really serve us and tend to fuel more stress and anxiety. It is so important right now to bring our bodies back to balance through good nutrition so that we can handle stress and anxiety better, especially in the work context. Where I feel I can really help is to support the behaviour change process – to promote healthier habits that bring our bodies back into balance and improve energy, mental tenacity, and strength.

Benjamin Klein
Ben: Weight management can sometimes be a touchy subject. How can businesses raise awareness about this in a positive way?
Marcelle Dubruel
Marcelle: Feeling overweight, uncomfortable, and sluggish with low energy is something many people tolerate. It does not have to be this way. My client’s seek help with their mindset, motivation and want to know exactly what to do.

My best way of working around this, which I can share from my many years of experience, is to emphasise the many different factors that contribute to weight gain. Remember that what we eat is just one of these factors. We can obsess about calories, but this is only one piece of the puzzle.

Weight management is wider than this. It includes hormones, the health of your digestive system, your gut, and the wider struggles we have with keeping our bodies in balance. When I look at weight management, I look at what your physiology needs to come back into balance.

Benjamin Klein
Ben: What about energy? How can employees use nutrition as a tool for boosting their energy and productivity?
Marcelle Dubruel
Marcelle: How, when and what you eat can make a significant difference to your energy levels. Certain foods can act as “energy stealers”. They are quick fixes – you think they’re giving you energy, but they are in fact stealing it away from you. Your blood sugar goes up quickly but then comes crashing down, leaving you feeling tired.

The way to get around this is to learn about and concentrate on what you eat, when and where for stable energy levels. Incorporating regular energising snacks into your diet, for example, can be a powerful tool for improving your productivity.

Benjamin Klein
Ben: Do you have any specific advice for home workers?
Marcelle Dubruel
Marcelle: When working from home, the temptation is always there – you can eat all day long as you’re so close to the fridge. One helpful tip is to pretend that you’re going into the office. Go to your home desk in the morning with your litre of water and snacks etc. so that you can avoid just grazing at the fridge all day long. Also, try to pop out occasionally. Go for a walk around the block. This should replace the time you usually spend commuting.
Benjamin Klein
Ben: Lastly, what is your top nutrition tip?
Marcelle Dubruel
Marcelle: It would have to be keeping energising snacks with you. Keep them in your draw with you so you can avoid that mid-morning KitKat or extra coffee. This will lead to all-round better food choices!

Marcelle will be addressing employees at an exclusive Thrive4Life livestreamed event on 21 January 2022 entitled ‘Healthy Weight Management and More Energy!’. To arrange access for your staff to Marcelle’s livestreamed talk, please give us a call on 020 8972 9675 or send an email to

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