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Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day 2022 – an international day for global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma. The theme for 2022, set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority“.

Work/Life balance is one of the key pillars of good mental health

A few people are true workaholics – they wouldn’t be who they are if they weren’t. However, they too should consider the impact that working long hours has on friends/family, and the people who work for them. Working too many hours affects job quality; concentration and decision making are impaired, and vigour is depleted. When there is an established healthy balance between work life and home life, most individuals perform better and are less likely to suffer from work-related stress or anxiety.

To everyone of us, a good work/life balance will mean something different. It’s not so much about dividing your time evenly between work and leisure as it is about feeling fulfilled and content in both aspects of your life. A healthy balance might be as follows:

  • meeting job obligations while still making time for friends and interests
  • having enough time to sleep and eat healthy without being concerned
  • about work when you’re at home.

This can be tough if we also have care obligations, a demanding boss, or health issues.

Six ways to help you achieve a positive work/life balance

Here are six techniques to help you achieve a better work/life balance, assist others in doing so, and build a happier, more productive team. You will not be able to fix every issue. Some of the concerns highlighted may be unfamiliar to you. But, as we transition to a post-pandemic society, it’s worth debating what constitutes a healthy work-life balance.

How Thrive4Life can help!

Thrive4Life can provide customised Line Manager training as well as MHFA and Wellbeing Champion training. We offer health promotion in the form of an extensive library of engaging content with well-designed articles / ePublications and monthly specialist talks on all aspects of health and wellbeing.

For companies who are looking for support with a strategy and ongoing process of health and wellbeing engagement that they can build over time, Thrive4Life has used a backdrop of over 30 years’ experience of delivering specialist health, safety and wellbeing guidance across multiple industries to develop an innovative, cost-effective solution that can help any size of organisation in the form of a fully customisable Health and Wellbeing Discovery Hub.

For more information about Thrive4Life services and training courses, get in touch or call us on 020 8972 9675.

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